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Sibusiso Duma's "Love and Tradition" @ Simchowitz Collection, Pasadena

The Simchowitz Collection is a series of contemporary art exhibtions with a special focus on Africa in their Los Angeles spaces. For his first solo exhibition in the Unites States, Love and Tradition, Durban, South African-based artist Sibusiso Duma presents acrylic-on-canvas paintings, the majority featuring his characteristic repetitive dot method to render the rural landscapes in which his subjects reside. In the works in this show, we see a range of everyday activities— a man holding his baby up high; another with his back to the viewer, clutching a suitcase, en route to his journey; a woman tending to her garden. Complexities also arise: we see a shirtless man with a hand gun in his underwear band; a woman carries a man on her back who in turn holds a glass bottle in This Is My Drunkard, 2020; another woman tenderly bids farewell to a man sporting a military uniform in Married to a Soldier, 2020.

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