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Craig Boagey - Artists - Simchowitz Gallery

Craig Boagey (b. 1985, Liverpool, UK) is a contemporary artist who predominantly works in the form of painting and drawing. Combining various paint mediums, Boagey’s creative preoccupations revolve around enticing, succulent, fleshy, sometimes erotic, occasionally perverse subject matter. Often using nature, in particular mushrooms, as a vehicle or device, Boagey sorts to discuss and examine human behaviourism and our social interrelations with each other and the world around us. The paintings are laboriously executed with a precise virtuosity, often referencing theology, mythology, poetry and the occult. Essentially, Boagey’s work aims to discuss, dissect and question humanity’s cognitive relationship with the earth, technology, and itself.

Boagey currently resides in London, United Kingdom. He received his BA in 2008 from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts.

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