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Lawrence Calver - Artists - Simchowitz Gallery

Lawrence Calver (b. 1992, Suffolk, UK) centers the experience of searching at the heart of his practice. Whether he is taking a leisurely walk down Portobello Road or intentionally hunting for material, he remains open to the possibility that inspiration may strike in any form. With his educational background in fashion direction, Calver views himself as “directing” the composition of his artwork and allowing the material to inform his work with accidental gestures. Often using recycled linen, wool and cotton, Calver is careful to allow his fabric’s previous life to show through with its textural nuances and history. When material arrives in his studio, he assembles his artworks with the use of bleach, natural clay-dye and stitching. He may submerge a piece of fabric in clay for days or even weeks, allowing time to become a determinant factor in the works’ final state.

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