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Sydney Cortright - Participating Artists - Simchowitz Gallery

Artist Sydney Cortright (b. 1989, Santa Barbara) transforms her knowledge of and love for the natural world (she studied Field Ecology) into sumptuous abstract paintings made of acrylic, Flashe, ink, and watercolor on both muslin and paper grounds. Many reference or are inspired by beetles and butterflies that she observes either in person or in field guides, and the resulting works feature both earth and jewel tones painted using an abundance of water, the pigments variously manipulated using droppers, brushes, and even her own hands. The artist further influences the canvas by physically moving it while the paint is still wet. As a result, paintings include elements of saturation, lighter wash-like passages, spread pigment, drips, as well as delicate brushstrokes. She puts her stamp on the canvas and then also allows for the paint and water to interact as they will, occasioning what she calls the “controlled chaos” of her works. Cortright’s first solo show is with Simchowitz Gallery, Los Angeles.

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