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Cape Town Art Residency - Cape Town, South Africa - Residencies - Simchowitz Gallery

Cape Town Art Residency
Cape Town, South Africa 


The Cape Town Art Residency is a mixed-use residency and exhibition space, focused primarily on supporting emerging contemporary artists both on the continent and bringing international artists to Cape Town, South Africa to work and engage with the local creative community, opening up a global dialogue.  The residency provides a stepping stone for artists on the continent who are restricted by both lack of capital and opportunity - to build and communicate their practice globally through our networks of international dealers, collectors and institutions."

The Cape Town Art Residency is located in Woodstock, Cape Town, in the heart of the art district and is Cape Town’s oldest suburb. It has always been a mixed community, with residents of different races and religions. Many buildings have been revitalized by art galleries, art studios, restaurants, coffee shops and other small-business owners and creative businesses.

For more info, visit, or follow the residency on instagram @capetownartresidency.

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